Our Brand Identity

Our Handcrafted Mission, Vision, our Identity at its core. While our initial start was within the coffee space, our vision has expanded to more than coffee and is all about the handcrafted artisan component of what we do each and everyday.

We put pride, quality and consistency in each one of our products and that’s part of our heritage and background. It’s part of the mantra our parents taught us everyday to work hard, care for others and for our community. Part of our heritage is also Chicago and where Gricelda and I grew up which is part of our brand’s identity and where our branding and the “Four Star” comes from. To expand a little more Chicago education here, each one of the stars means something and they are historical to the city we love:

  • Chicago Fire of 1871
  • World’s Columbian Exposition 
  • Fort Dearborn
  • Century of Progress Exposition 

Hard work, caring for others and our communities is essential to both of us, which is why it is a focal component to our Brand and our core being an organization. Handcrafted Coffee is more than coffee, it is more than a flavor experience, it is enablement for hard work, enablement for what we can achieve when we strive for more and put others first.

Our Mission is deliver the best handcrafted products to our community, while providing support whenever and wherever we can.

Thank you all for joining us on this mission as we continue to expand and move into other products and additional ways to reach more individuals and communities.

-Chris and Gricelda